The Labelle Foundation

Making the world a better place one puppy at a time.

Devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, & advocating for dogs

About Us

The Labelle Foundation is a Los Angeles foster based animal rescue devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, advocating for dogs. Their goal is to help the animals they assist find perfect forever families. The organization also specializes in neonatal orphans and sick or special need medical puppies.

The culmination of the Labelle Foundation began when founders, Laura and Sabrina Labelle, were asked to take the two runts of a Pitbull puppy litter someone had put in a trash bag and left to die in a dumpster. They were only a few hours old when Laura and Sabrina took them in. Since then the Labelle Foundation has worked with their staff and numerous volunteers to help bottle feed hundreds of baby animals and saved countless lives.

The Labelle Foundation strongly believes in proper diet and a holistic approach to raising animals. They are deeply grateful for modern medicine and how many lives it has helped save. Throughout the years the Labelle Foundation has discovered new ways to help defenseless baby animals feel loved and nurtured. The founders and the volunteers they work with are well trained on how to boost their immune systems and help them thrive emotionally. They believe that the emotional wellbeing of animals directly affects their immune and nervous system.

Over the last 7 years, the Labelle Foundation has worked with a multitude of rescue organizations and vets. The founders have also built up a wonderful network of fosters as they are a foster based rescue. One of the founders, Laura, works with her sister from time-to-time saving pregnant large breed dogs, puppies and strays. Laura’s mom also rescues handicapped and hospice Chihuahuas. Together the Labelle Foundation is very excited to embark on their ventures and continue to work with wonderful rescuers who they have come to know and love.