Featured Adoptable Dogs

Meet our featured adoptable dogs! We love all our dogs and wanted to highlight a few of our crew! Check them out  🤩

For a full list of the available dogs we have please check Instagram.  @thelabellefoundation. Due to demand and how quickly they are being adopted, puppies are only posted on instagram

  • Cruz


    💛🥏Please Meet Cruz!🥏💛
    He is a 1.5 year old chi mix that was surrendered to us! We cannot wait for this cutie to find his furever home💗

    🏡 Cruz is a 1.5 yo Chi/JR mix who is working on his confidence. Cruz loves to be active and pack-walks are his favorite! Cruz needs a calm family environment that will provide plenty of stability and structure in addition to a lot of fun active family time like hiking adventures. He needs to continue to build his confidence, continue to properly socialize, and needs slow intros to humans that will give him time to trust them and other balanced dogs. Cruz would do best in a home with a calm balanced dog that will show him the ropes. Cruz is crate and potty trained.

  • Dolly


    🍇🍃Please Meet Dolly!🍃🍇
    She is a 48lb 5 year old pittie that we saved from euthanasia at the shelter! We can’t wait to find her furever home💗🥰

    🏡 Dolly loves her walks! Her fosters take her walking twice and we go as far as she wants, she’s good on a leash just very strong. She reacts to dogs who bark at her, but If you are assertive and maintain eye contact with her she is good, she’ll look up and we’ll keep walking. She needs to be the only dog in the household. 

    She does not do well with cats but she is INCREDIBLE with children. She’s so vocal and expressive, extremely smart. She’s not territorial over food or her toys, but can be territorial over her space.

    She’s doing okay in her crate, she’ll cry a bit in the first minutes I put her in but she settles, most times she’ll go in herself. She’s completely house trained, a well behaved dog. She charms everyone she meets with her loving personality. She is a PERFECT dog for a human only household with a yard 🙂 

  • Ditzy


    💓🤩Please Meet Ditzy!🤩💓
    She is a 4 month old terrier mutt that was scheduled to be euthanized at Riverside shelter and one of our longtime supporters and amazing foster Alex asked her if we could pull her as long as she committed having her to fostered until she was adopted! This sweet girl is full of love but was likely abandoned due to a neurological tic that causes her back leg to move spastically. Our vets believe this is the result of having recovered from Distemper, she now tests negative. Maybe we’re crazy, but we think it only makes her cuter and sweeter, however we do know for certain is she did not deserve to die because of it. She cannot wait to find her furever family and will need your help to find it! Please share her post and tag friends💌

    🏡 Hi! I’m Ditzy.

    I’m about 4 months old, still a pup with BPE (Big Puppy Energy lol). I’m a terrier mix so I love to lead and try to herd. I need lots of toys and rawhides to keep my mind happy!
    I’m small but mighty! I have a big bark to get attention or alert if there’s a stranger!
    I have a neurological tic— my right hind leg can’t stop strutting, so put on some music and watch me dance! I love to run (it stops the tic!)
    I am a total lover. I still sometimes bark for attention even though my current Human Mom says “that’s not how you make friends!” I love to cuddle at bedtime and am learning how to climb stairs and jump on couches despite my silly dancing leg!

  • Richie


    🤑💸Please Meet Richie!💸🤑
    He is a 2 year old pittie mix that we adopted out at 8 weeks old, by a lovely family. Tragically the patriarch was stricken down with cancer, and passed away. Ritchie was a loyal companion till the last breath, and in the months before he came back to us he laid next to his owner in his bed until he passed💔
    Suffering this incredible hardship, his family that loved him dearly were no longer in a place to care for him.
    Ritchie has been in training for over 2 months sponsored by his former family. He is thriving and completely crate trained, potty trained, fully vaccinated and very obedient. He loves a well structured routine and calm home
    He is incredibly sweet and cannot wait to meet his new family💗

    🏡 Richie is the most handsome and sweetest 2 yr old Pittie. Richie is deaf but you wouldn’t even know it. Of course you want to ensure he can see you when you approach him so he isn’t startled but he loves to play with other compatible dogs, go on walks, Packwalks, hikes, play with his toys and get as many pets as possible. Richie loves his crate and is fully potty trained. Richie would do great with an active family that would provide him with the structure and leadership that helps him feel happy and confident. No young children would be best for Richie.