Featured Adoptable Dogs

Meet our featured adoptable dogs! We love all our dogs and wanted to highlight a few of our crew! Check them out  🤩

For a full list of the available dogs we have please check Instagram.  @thelabellefoundation. Due to demand and how quickly they are being adopted, puppies are only posted on instagram


💕🐬Please Meet Verve!🐬💕
She is an 8 month old Husky mix that came to us as a pup from the shelter after being found as a stray! Tragically, her adopter fell extremely ill and became unable to care for her, so she is now looking for a new furever home💗

🏡 Verve is certainly the belle of the ball!
She’s an extremely outgoing, loving, playful and friendly husky-mix always looking to meet new people (and new pups)!
Verve is still a puppy and is best suited for an extremely active couple/person or a very active family with lots of love (and walks!) to give. She also loves the company of other dogs in the house and backyard space to play in.
She loves to go to the park, go on hikes, and can run runaround for hours full of energy. She has a HUGE appetite and is a beautiful growing girl who will bring her loving and fun boisterous personality into your home!
She responds to both the names Verve and Lovely💗


💗🌹Please Meet Rosie🌹💗
She is a 5 year old pittie mix that was was used for breeding and dumped, only to find herself on the euthanasia list💔 We are so grateful we could save her and she can now find a loving home🥰

🙏🏼 Thank you to @thatswhackpets for finding Rosie and sponsoring her training! We couldn’t save dogs like her without your support.

🏡 Rosie has been used and neglected by humans and is still so sweet. She’s a dense lil girl at about 55lbs😂 Rosie thrives in a calm environment with a balance of structure and love. Rosie does well with proximity on walks around other compatible energy dogs, but would do best as the only dog in her home and teenagers and adults only. Rosie is crate and potty trained and deserves all the love in the world.


💕👛Please Meet Penny!👛💕
Penny is an owner surrender, she is 3 years old 51 lbs. She was a mommy dog of ours and was adopted back in 2021. Due to serious life changes the owner was no longer able to care for Penny, and she needed training. She has been training with Ali and Jamal at k9 Kommittee and is ready for her home.

🏡 This sweet beautiful girl LOVES other balanced energy dogs. She is slow to trust humans so calm energy and slow intros are best. She would do best with older children or adults only and would do great with other dogs in the family with proper intros. Penny loves walks, hikes, and soft snuggly blankets so an active family that would give her plenty of love, exercise, and proper socialization to continue to build her confidence would be best for her. Penny is fully crate and potty trained.


💞🫒Please Meet Olive!🫒💞
She is a 3 year old german shepherd mix that we saved from being euthanized at the shelter! She is so ready to go to her furever home🥰

🏡 Olive is sweet, stunning German Shepherd who has been learning how to be a dog. Olive is continuing to build her confidence , is crate and potty trained and has learned how to walk beautifully on a leash. Olive loves to play and snuggle, and Her perfect family would be very active and give her plenty of exercise and continue to help her socialize properly and and provide the structure she needs to be her best self. Olive would do best around older children and would do great as the only dog and needs proper intros to other dogs that have compatible energy.


💛🍯Please Meet Isadora!🍯💛
She is a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that came to us in a state of severe neglect😔 She was emaciated and infested with ticks😭 Isadora has been learning so much in training and would love to finally find her furever home, or even a foster, please DM us if you are interested in fostering her!💗

🏡 Isadora is a beautiful girl both inside and out. Her honey colored eyes will melt your heart. She’s a big girl but has a lot of puppy left in her. She loves to play with her toys and chew on bones. She loves snuggling her head right up against you for comfort.
Isadora has shown tremendous progress over the last few months. She is potty trained and crate trained. Her leash training is getting better and better every day. She has responded wonderfully to structure and routine. She is such a softy that will bring so much happiness to her new family.


🧡🐒Please Meet Hazelle!🐒🧡
She is a 1.5 year old pitbull mix that we rescued while she was pregnant! Now that all of her babies have been adopted and she has been thriving with our trainers for a few months, we can’t wait for her to find her furever home💗 #nomomleftbehind

🏡 Hazelle is the sweetest little lady ever - she cuddles with humans, is great with strangers, and believe she’s a good candidate for older kids. She likes compatible energy dogs but always needs proper intros and time and patience to build trust with them.
Hazelle just wants to be loved, and she adores head scratches! She gets attached to her people quickly, and fits right into regular routines. She loves tennis balls, although doesn’t always bring them back to you 😋
Hazelle has tons of fun energy and loves to go on walks, hikes, and be with her family. Hazelle needs a calm, assertive handler that will provide the leadership and structure that helps her be the best girl! Hazelle is crate and potty trained. Hazelle can sit and lay down, and still working on other commands, as she is not very food motivated, but more by positive reinforcement / snuggles.


🪁💙Please Meet Gretsch!💙🪁

Gretsch is a 10 month old terrier mix, swipe for his @wisdompanel DNA! He was surrendered to us and he has been waiting for almost a year to find his forever home because he’s a shy pup, but once he knows you he’s the absolute sweetest and can’t wait to finally find his new furever home💓

🏡 Having had and loved dogs all my life, I could not imagine a more wonderful and loving pup. You can't help but fall in love with his soulful eyes, gentle nature, springy step, and warm snuggles. The best feeling is when he curls up by your side like a little snail. He is kind, incredibly gentle, quiet, and loving. Once his playful side comes out he’s got a silly underbelly, too. Gretsch is fully crate-trained, potty trained, and walks well on a leash! This silly little string bean is such a sweet boy who has been making tremendous progress gaining confidence around new people and he absolutely loves the company of other dogs. We think having a sibling to continue to show him the way would be a great thing for him. He would be fine with children over 5 once adjusted (working on barking at strangers upon introduction). He is a typical adolescent puppy who needs structure and not 100% freedom at his age but loves to romp and play and explore. He is very easy going around the house and with the help of training he’s come out of his shell completely! He’ll follow you around the house like a little shadow. Little Gretsch is such a special boy with a big heart. He establishes a very strong bond with “his people” and will have a very privileged relationship with his owner.
Gretsch will make a fantastic little buddy for anyone! This sweet boy just wants a loving home that he can call his own


🍇🍃Please Meet Dolly!🍃🍇
She is a 48lb 5 year old pittie that we saved from euthanasia at the shelter! We can’t wait to find her furever home💗🥰

🏡 Dolly loves her walks! Her fosters take her walking twice and we go as far as she wants, she’s good on a leash just very strong. She reacts to dogs who bark at her, but If you are assertive and maintain eye contact with her she is good, she’ll look up and we’ll keep walking. She needs to be the only dog in the household.

She does not do well with cats but she is INCREDIBLE with children. She’s so vocal and expressive, extremely smart. She’s not territorial over food or her toys, but can be territorial over her space.

She’s doing okay in her crate, she’ll cry a bit in the first minutes I put her in but she settles, most times she’ll go in herself. She’s completely house trained, a well behaved dog. She charms everyone she meets with her loving personality. She is a PERFECT dog for a human only household with a yard 🙂