Featured Adoptable Dogs

Meet our featured adoptable dogs! We love all our dogs and wanted to highlight a few of our crew! Check them out  🤩

For a full list of the available dogs we have please check Instagram.  @thelabellefoundation. Due to demand and how quickly they are being adopted, puppies are only posted on instagram


💓🪁Please Meet Lilla!🪁💓
She is an 8 year old Chi/poodle/mini cattle dog mix that we rescued along with her babies #nomomleftbehind!


💚🌿Please Meet Lelio!🌿💚
He is an 11 week old pittie mix that came to us with a suspected broken leg🥺 We rushed him to our amazing orthopedic doctor assuming he would need a $4k+ surgery, but instead only needed his leg splinted which cost us $650! We are so glad he has been able to recover in his loving foster home and can now find a furever family🥰

Handsom Dan
Handsom Dan

Handsome Dan was rescued during the beginning of the Covid-19 lock down and came to us super happy but with lots of behavioral issues.


💜💟Please Meet Ermine!🧢💙
She is an 11 week old boxer/rottweiler  mix that we took in as a bottle baby from the shelter along with her siblings, swipe for their @wisdompanel DNA!


💕🐳Please Meet Dolly!🐳💕
She is a 48lb 5 year old pittie that we rescued from the shelter! We can’t wait to find her furever home💗🥰

🏡 She is named after Dolly Parton because she likes to howl and sing/squeal with excitement, her love language is squeaky!
Dolly charms everyone she meets, she is very social and likes everyone she meets. She does like to find her person and gets attached quickly!
The staff at the Veterinary clinic fell in love with her sweet personality and she is a staff favorite.
Dolly is great on leash, gets excited when meeting new people and especially when she sees dogs. She has met a few dogs on her walks that she really liked and even played with a large Great Dane that she LOVED! A home with no dogs that have dominant personalities (although Dolly seems to like and want the company other dogs) or a home with a playful but calm dog would be best. We do not think she is a good candidate for cats.
Dolly is very well trained, she knows stay, leave it, in your bed and is good with direction in general. She must of had some good training in her previous home. Dolly is potty trained and is great in the home without a crate. Dolly does not like the crate but who would! She is perfect without a crate.
When Dolly sees the leash she squeals and jumps with excitement.Dolly goes on 2-3 walks a day, she would not be a dog for running because she has some arthritis but that does not stop her from having tons of fun!
Dolly is always ready to go for a car ride, and loves to stick her little head out the window.
We love Dolly, she is a kind and loving pup with lots of love to give.

🐶Thank you to our foster, we couldn’t do it without you! #fosteringsaveslives

🧬As a rescue, we can never guarantee breed or size. Listed breeds are educated guesses unless accompanied by @wisdompanel DNA results.

🤍Check out our “Adoptable🐶” highlight on our page, for all of our dogs that are ready for adoption.

✨Please tag and share with friends to find this pup a forever home! If you are interested in adoption please visit labellefoundation.org for an adoption application.

✨For more information on the adoption process, please see our FAQs highlight


🧡Please Meet Chickpea!🧡
She is a 6 month old Shepherd mix tnat was found as a stray and we rescued from the shelter on a medical request from a broken leg!


🤍🐾Please Meet Carmelle!🐾🤍
She is a 2 year old Doberman/Shepherd mix that came to us pregnant from a military base in Mexico.


💕🍬Please Meet Candy!🍬💕
She is a 60lb, 2 year old gorgeous pittie girl.

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