🪁💙Please Meet Gretsch!💙🪁

Gretsch is a 10 month old terrier mix, swipe for his @wisdompanel DNA! He was surrendered to us and he has been waiting for almost a year to find his forever home because he’s a shy pup, but once he knows you he’s the absolute sweetest and can’t wait to finally find his new furever home💓

🏡 Having had and loved dogs all my life, I could not imagine a more wonderful and loving pup. You can’t help but fall in love with his soulful eyes, gentle nature, springy step, and warm snuggles. The best feeling is when he curls up by your side like a little snail. He is kind, incredibly gentle, quiet, and loving. Once his playful side comes out he’s got a silly underbelly, too. Gretsch is fully crate-trained, potty trained, and walks well on a leash! This silly little string bean is such a sweet boy who has been making tremendous progress gaining confidence around new people and he absolutely loves the company of other dogs. We think having a sibling to continue to show him the way would be a great thing for him. He would be fine with children over 5 once adjusted (working on barking at strangers upon introduction). He is a typical adolescent puppy who needs structure and not 100% freedom at his age but loves to romp and play and explore. He is very easy going around the house and with the help of training he’s come out of his shell completely! He’ll follow you around the house like a little shadow. Little Gretsch is such a special boy with a big heart. He establishes a very strong bond with “his people” and will have a very privileged relationship with his owner.
Gretsch will make a fantastic little buddy for anyone! This sweet boy just wants a loving home that he can call his own 

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