💚🌿Please Meet Lelio!🌿💚
He is an 11 week old pittie mix that came to us with a suspected broken leg🥺 We rushed him to our amazing orthopedic doctor assuming he would need a $4k+ surgery, but instead only needed his leg splinted which cost us $650! We are so glad he has been able to recover in his loving foster home and can now find a furever family🥰

🏡 Lelio is the best! He loves people and is so so friendly, even to strangers!🥰 And he absolutely loves kids 👯‍♂️He loves other dogs too but gets a little scared of bigger dogs at first but warms up and then loves to play! Lelio is super loving and so sweet, he loves to be around someone and loves to cuddle, he’s super calm and loves to curl up and nap with you! He is doing great with the potty training and only has some accidents here and there, but is really good at letting you know when he needs to go! He loves to give kisses and barely ever even nibbles!😘 He cries when he’s in his crate and left alone so will need a little crate training, but he’s a super fast learner! 🤓 He would thrive in really any home with love and attention! 🤍

With regard to his leg injury, he’s doing great walking now and even runs! He is still going slow up and down the stairs, but he’s doing them which is awesome and on the right track to full recovery 🤩

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