Thank you for volunteering to foster a puppy with The Labelle Foundation!

We are also volunteers and work around the clock to help animals. We work 24/7 to save as many dogs as we can and we couldn’t do it without you!

As part of the responsibility of being a foster, we need you to pass along content so we can find our dogs their perfect match for their furever home! Below, please find guidelines for content – we need information about the dog and pictures/videos! The more detail/content, the better 🙂

Posting photos and videos of our dogs allows adopters to feel connected to the dog and understand more of the dog’s personality before applying. This is a very important part of the foster process as we need to be able to post every dog that comes into our care. Please supply us with content within 72 hours of fostering the dog. The more photos and videos, the better! 

If you post anything our your own channels, please tag @thelabellefoundation. We also have GIFs that you can use in your stories – just search ‘The Labelle Foundation’ on the GIFs. 

If you are on private or do not typically post yourself, please send us story-type content as well as main page content so we can post on our channels for the dog you’re fostering! We also have people that work with us to help re-post to get our dogs adopted and encourage donations! 

Here are some guidelines for photo/video content: 

  • Try to get crisp, clear images
  • Photos that are taken with more light help avoid any yellow-glow in the photos
  • Typically the front photo would show the dog’s face and is best to capture a good one where the dog is facing you
  • Take a variety of different photos
    • Photo with the dog facing you
    • Photo of the dog sleeping
    • Photo of the dog laying down
    • Photo showing the size of the dog
    • Playful or cuddling photos are always great!
  • Videos! We love video content, it always helps give more of a personal feel to adopters
    • Show the dog’s playfulness
    • Capture their personality in the video

About the Dog

  • Name – the name the dog comes with cannot be changed. If you are asked to name your dog this must be an original unique name and approved by a Labelle Foundation team member 
  • How is the dog with kids/dogs/cats?
  • Is the dog friendly with strangers? 
  • What is the best type of home for the dog?
  • Describe the dog’s attitude and personality (energy-level, separation anxiety, intelligence, etc.)
  • Any training that the dog will need (barking, teething, crate training, potty, sleeping through the night, etc.)
  • Any medical information or problems that you see while fostering