Owner Surrender

We understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to keep your pet. Before making the decision to surrender your animal, please consider all of your options. We are happy to give advice and explore possibilities so you can keep your furry family member. Also, reach out to friends and relatives who might be able to give the pet a loving home.

*Please DO NOT post your pet on craigslist. Many cruel and heinous things may happen to them.

If your desire to re-home your dog is because of behavioral or training issues, please contact a qualified training professional. We are happy to suggest the ones we use.

If the issue is housing, please remember your dog is a member of your family. Consider offering your landlord a refundable pet deposit. Sometimes that is enough to alleviate a landlord’s concerns. Or, if you are open to moving, there are realtors dedicated to helping you find a place that allows you to rent with your dog. Large property management companies often have blanket policies that may be more difficult to alter. Contact landlords of smaller properties directly, and be sure to show off your well-behaved dog.

Our decision to accept your pet is based on our ability to provide appropriate housing and care. We give priority admissions to animals that are well behaved and have been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neuter prior to the surrender process. When surrendering your animal you must bring the following items with you:

● Pet Vaccine Records
● Spay/Neuter Certificate
● Rabies Certificate
● Microchip Records

All pets that come are surrendered must be healthy prior to filling out the owner surrender form. If your pet has a health issue and/or is taking any kind of medication or treatment, please make sure to let us know immediately. You will be required to sign an owner release form giving us legal ownership of the animal. Once you have signed the owner release form, you may not reclaim your pet, so please be sure that you have made the right decision for you and your pet. We ask that you make a donation of a minimum of $300 to our organization. Please understand taking your pet on is a responsibility and commitment, funds may be needed for any medical, boarding, or a paid foster.

Surrendering Costs:

  • $300 for a dog who still needs to be sterilized
  • $3,000 to $6,000 for a dog with behavioral issues or medical issues pending assessment.

All dogs surrendered will have to be assessed

Note : If you adopted your pet through the Labelle Foundation and circumstances will not allow you to keep him/her, you are required to contact us immediately!!