Elle Rama

Team Member

How you started working with Labelle?
After following along on Instagram for a while, I decided to send over an email to volunteer and included my experience with graphic design, little did I know they needed just that! The lovely Labelle family welcomed me with open arms to help out with social media and I’ve loved every minute

Favorite part or memory working with Labelle?
My favorite part of working with Labelle is the amazing group of women I work with and continue to meet. Love you guys!

I grew up with 5 rescue pups so rescues hold a special place in my heart. As an artist I am so glad that I’ve found a place I can use my passion and creativity for something that helps my community.

Favorite thing to do in LA
My favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is go to Abbott Kinney. Everyone is so creative and ambitious in that area and if I ever need some inspiration or motivation, simply people watching can bring up my mood… not to mention the great vegan food!