Sami Gaspin

Team Member

How you started working with Labelle?
I reached out to the Labelle Foundation after fostering two adorable pit pups to investigate further how I could help! I’ve always admired the amazing work the Labelle Foundation has done and thought it would be an awesome experience to become more involved in the process of finding forever homes for all dogs in need!

Favorite part or memory working with Labelle?
Although I’ve only been working with Labelle for a short while, my favorite part about it thus far has been the incredible team of women who have welcomed me with open arms and showed me the ropes! It’s an amazing feeling to be connected with other people who are just as passionate about helping rescue dogs and I am so excited for what’s to come!

In addition to working with Labelle, I also work for a social media and influencer marketing agency, where I assist in helping enterprise brands scale their programs. In my free time, I love to soak up the sun and be outdoors as much as possible! I also am a health and wellness junky and try to incorporate that into my every day life as much as possible!

Favorite Thing to Do in LA
Favorite thing to do in LA is a bike ride to the beach with a picnic basket for sunset!!!