Rescue Stories

  • Triumph


    Triumph is a special baby near and dear to our hearts! He is a Chihuahua Maltese mix who was being given away for free on Craigslist. We were able to get Triumph from the woman, who claimed her dog had been impregnated by the neighbors dog. Triumph is 4lbs and almost 8 months old, however, he is developmentally stunted and acts more like a 5 month old puppy!

  • Possum


    Possum is our miracle baby at ten weeks old and a Shepherd Mix! Possum was surrendered to us with his brother Chipmunk because the owner thought he had been stepped on. He appeared to have some neurological issues, and wasn’t breathing very well. We immediately brought him to our amazing vet, who was able  to save his life and we cannot thank them enough.