Cate Klein

How you started working with Labelle?
My brother, Brandon, had been fostering with Labelle for a few years and I loved the mission of the rescue and always was helping him with the foster pups. When I adopted my dog from Labelle, the current team was a group of 3 women, it was the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine and they were getting hit with a huge influx of applications. I volunteered right after getting Kora (my Labelle pup!) and jumped on board to help them with anything they needed. From that moment, the group of 3 grew and it’s been amazing to see the changes these girls have had on dogs’ lives. We now have 9 team members and are saving more dogs than ever before!

Favorite part or memory of working with Labelle?
This team of incredible women is my favorite part of working with Labelle. Each woman is so motivated and we all work around the clock to help make a difference to these pups. The Labelle girls do everything in their power to save all dogs that are in need and it’s incredible to watch the effect they have on these dogs’ lives. My first transport was one of my favorite memories, helping pups who were just rescued off the street and getting them cleaned up, the medicine they need and into a loving foster to help them grow strong and recover.

I graduated from USC in 2015 with a degree in public relations and am currently an MBA student at UCLA Anderson. In addition to volunteering with Labelle, I work in film marketing software. I have always loved dogs and I am happy to bring my background in publicity and marketing to work on communication strategy, website development and partnership management for Labelle!

Favorite Thing to do in LA
I love being outside whether it’s biking by the beach or hiking in Malibu!