Sabrina Labelle

Why you started the company?
I am Sabrina Labelle the co-founder of The Labelle Foundation – I was homeschooled through high school by choice so I could travel; my dream was to become a philanthropist and save lives. I got into rescue about 8 years ago by fostering for another rescue organization. Our first foster was a deaf pit bull puppy; of course we fell in love with and he was our first foster fail. After fostering and building the foster network for this organization for about 6 years, my mother, Laura Labelle; we decided there are too many dogs that need to be rescued and it was time to branch off to start our own rescue foundation to save as many lives as possible. We then started The Labelle Foundation in January 2018.

Favorite part of working in rescue?
My favorite part of my job is watching the very special needs and medical puppies we rescue transform and blossom into healthy, happy puppies. I love seeing how therapeutic dogs are for our fosters and adopters and how beautiful it is that we give families the love of their lives with their new pup/family member! Completing a family is magical.

As mentioned above my passion since I could speak has always been to help save lives in particular animals as they cannot speak and need to be advocated for. During my homeschooling years I was determined to get involved in rescuing animals, I started out as a foster for 6 years and then it was time we started our own Foundation. Being able to save the amount of lives we do and grow our platform to spread awareness is all I could ever ask for. Plus, I’m so grateful to work with my mom, and our amazing team of strong women each and every day! We are the dream team!

Favorite thing to do in LA
My favorite thing to do in LA is spend time with my family and my animals. I feel most at home surrounded by the people I love the most with all of my fur babies, preferably in the outdoors.