Sadie Toczek

How you started working with Labelle?
I had been following the Labelle Foundation on Instagram for almost a year now. But once Covid-19 began, I knew I wanted to give back to my community, especially because I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I absolutely loved Labelle’s mission and wanted to get as involved as I possibly could in helping these dogs get proper resources, medical care and find a loving forever home.

Favorite part or memory working with Labelle?
Although I am one of the newest members of the team, and have only been working a short while, my favorite part of joining Labelle is the community of amazing and empowering women who volunteer their time making the world a better place!

I am currently a full time student at NYU, although it is virtual since the pandemic. I currently live in Los Angeles with my two amazing rescue dogs. In addition to working for Labelle, I work as a researcher and strategist for a law firm, but my heart is with rescuing dogs!

Favorite thing to do in LA
My favorite thing to do in LA is to drive down PCH with my favorite music blasting.