I have known Laura LaBelle of the LaBelle Foundation, before the foundation was even a twinkle in her eye. We volunteered for the same rescue, and she was pure magic when it came to sick puppies. Often loosing nights of sleep in caring for puppies that would otherwise not have made it. As Laura grew she never forgot me. I moved on to work for a veterinary office and her foundation grew. But there has never been a time when I have reached out to Laura about a dog needing rescuing where she did not immediately help. Laura even offered $1,000 donation to a client of my veterinary office I work for who did not have the funds to pay for a very expensive Atopica medication. Happy to report that dog is thriving. And that kindness extends to the human kind as well. I remember when I was struggling financially, Laura gave me odd jobs to help make ends meet. She is a wonderful and kind human, who, at every turn tries to do the exact right thing for the dogs and people she loves.