I have been fostering for Laura LaBelle for the past 10 years, when she worked for other rescues, and now the LaBelle Foundation. I am a repeat foster. I do bottle, mom and baby, whelping and medical foster. The constant dedication, and availability to the dogs is what has kept me wanting to work with her. Saving dogs is priority for her, and she has been able to help SOOO many dogs, it is mind boggling. I love working with someone who has the animals best interest at heart. She has never said no to a dog in need that i needed help with, whether the dog was surrendered, found injured, pregnant, or sick, she has always stepped up and payed for whatever care they need. She has even helped me many times when someone asks me to help them with an “accidental pregnancy”. She gives them a safe place for the dog to have her babies, and then pays for the parents to be fixed, ending more accidents. It gives me so much joy to help so many innocent lives, and i can say enough good things about Laura and her commitment to helping animals.