We are so lucky to have our sweet baby Oscar thanks to the angels The Labelle Foundation who rescued him. As a first time dog owner, they were such an incredible resource and answered every question we had, from what to feed him to great vets in our neighborhood, to recommending Oscar’s favorite place on earth @lapetcare. At the end of last year, we fostered a sweet pup named Leia and our foster coordinator and the Labelles answered any and all of our questions immediately. It was the best two weeks EVER and although I was heartbroken to say goodbye to Leia, they really took the time to find her the best home ever. We’re still in touch with her new parents, a lovely couple who adore her, and have even gone over to visit so our pups could be reunited. We are so grateful for all the good they do and the hundreds and thousands of dogs that are in happy homes because of their tireless work.