MIla L.

They are great at communication and with providing the resources (spay/neuter) upon getting the pup. They also genuinely care about their animals and finding great homes for them.



I am so grateful to the Labelle Foundation for helping me adopt Christmas! They truly take incredible care of all the rescues that come in and make the process a smooth transition for both adopter and adoptee 🙂 I’m so lucky to have Christmas/Jicama…her personality shines bright every day…who saved who?!

Lucy H.

Regular contact and caring updates, comprehensive and easy application process, stress free pick up.


Shaunee and Marcus

Since March 2020 my husband and I have fostered 20 dogs with LaBelle Foundation. Many of them have been abandoned, neglected, malnourished, or abused. We’ve spent our time helping them recover, showing them love, and teaching them to trust again. It’s been a lot of hard work and patience, but giving them a chance at a new life has been so worth it. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching them grow and thrive with their new families. We are so grateful to LaBelle for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to help save these dogs. Cheers to 2022 and all of the dogs we’ll love next year!

Emily G.

Very helpful and determined to allow me foster! The priority for the safety, care, and well-being of the dogs is always very obvious which I love!



I have fostered over a dozen times for The Labelle Foundation over the past few years. And I can truly say I have had the most amazing experience as a foster and working closely with both Laura and Sabrina. Every time I would go to pick up the foster pups they would always make sure I had everything I needed as far as food, toys, beds, etc to make the puppy as comfortable as possible. If I ever had any questions no matter the time of day I would text Laura or Sabrina and they always responded right away with helpful tips and advise. Fostering with Labelle has truly changed my life and was the reason I ended up getting a dog myself, truly the best decision I ever made! I cannot recommend fostering with Labelle enough as they made it so easy for me and I feel so grateful to know consider Laura and Sabrina great friends!


As a foster volunteer for 1.5 years I became witness of the true magic work that Labelle does. The rewarding, selfless care of saving a dog’s life that arrives run down, sometimes beaten and bruised, stressed and malnourished to see flourish into a happy, carefree soul again is indescribable. Labelle not only saves the dogs lives they save our lives by sharing this beautiful experience with us volunteers. I’m changed because of it and endless grateful. I then became part of Labelle’s alumni by adopting Gru aka Lenny now and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He’s a pure love – a perfect representation of The Labelle Foundation.


They checked in on us and made it comfortable to go to them with anything we might need. Everyone we worked with was friendly and offered us recommendations for different things we needed advice on.

Foster & Adopter

Amelia S.

Their love for all the pups and hard work they do is so clear! My Foster Coordinator was wonderful – extremely responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I can only imagine how many tasks and pups they have to juggle – all their hard work means a lot of puppy lives saved!  I deeply appreciated how well they communicated and helped to find the best home for this puppy – makes the hard job of parting with the puppy who so quickly felt a part of the family so much better knowing how happy her pup life would be!



We are so lucky to have our sweet baby Oscar thanks to the angels The Labelle Foundation who rescued him. As a first time dog owner, they were such an incredible resource and answered every question we had, from what to feed him to great vets in our neighborhood, to recommending Oscar’s favorite place on earth @lapetcare. At the end of last year, we fostered a sweet pup named Leia and our foster coordinator and the Labelles answered any and all of our questions immediately. It was the best two weeks EVER and although I was heartbroken to say goodbye to Leia, they really took the time to find her the best home ever. We’re still in touch with her new parents, a lovely couple who adore her, and have even gone over to visit so our pups could be reunited. We are so grateful for all the good they do and the hundreds and thousands of dogs that are in happy homes because of their tireless work.

Emily L.

Labelle was very communicative during the foster process, they kept us informed every step of the way and took our feedback/comments about our foster dog seriously. It was great to feel like they put a lot of trust into us as foster dog parents and also worked hard to find the best fit for our foster dog’s forever home.



I am so thankful to be apart of such a dedicated team. The passion and drive that Laura, Sabrina, and Sam have is beyond incredible. They work around the clock to save as many lives as possible, ensure that all medical needs are met, advocate for each dog, and find the perfect home for all of their rescues. I have fostered over 20 dogs with Labelle. My foster coordinator Brooke has been extremely helpful throughout the fostering and adoption process. Fostering and volunteering has brought me so much joy and happiness that I left my culinary career to work with dogs full time. Thank you for continuing to make a difference, I appreciate all of your hard work!

Ernesto S

When my girlfriend and I were looking for our next rescue dog, my dream was to have a dog that would hang with me in my music studio and skateboard with me in Venice and Rex is the guy. It’s the best when we get a little extra rocket boost when he sees a seagull. He’s wildly athletic (he’s ready for the tennis ball Olympics), has catlike traits, is very communicative (he barks although he shouldn’t as a Basenji.. HA) and is the biggest love. Life is way more fun with Rex and I am grateful for finding him through the Labelle Foundation.

Danna H.

I have been fostering for Laura LaBelle for the past 10 years, when she worked for other rescues, and now the LaBelle Foundation. I am a repeat foster. I do bottle, mom and baby, whelping and medical foster. The constant dedication, and availability to the dogs is what has kept me wanting to work with her. Saving dogs is priority for her, and she has been able to help SOOO many dogs, it is mind boggling. I love working with someone who has the animals best interest at heart. She has never said no to a dog in need that i needed help with, whether the dog was surrendered, found injured, pregnant, or sick, she has always stepped up and payed for whatever care they need. She has even helped me many times when someone asks me to help them with an “accidental pregnancy”. She gives them a safe place for the dog to have her babies, and then pays for the parents to be fixed, ending more accidents. It gives me so much joy to help so many innocent lives, and i can say enough good things about Laura and her commitment to helping animals.

Jenna F.

My foster coordinator was so kind and helpful! They love the pups as much as we do. I never had to worry if I had a question cause I knew they would get back to me super fast and my pup is in good hands no matter what.

Foster & Adopter

Olivia R.

Very quick response time, thorough and honest explanation of the dog, I can tell the person I spoke to at Labelle and the foster mom care so much and that truly made the experience so much more enjoyable.


Amy P.

Communication was great and the whole process was fast efficient and professional.


Emily H.

Smooth clear process. Everyone involved was very friendly and responsive

Nate B.

My foster coordinator is a superb communicator always answering my questions within a couple of minutes not to mention how knowledgeable and sweet she is too…they were there to greet me with my pup and offered me pee pads and was patient enough to sit through some of my rookie foster questions.  What a sweetheart. My interaction with LaBelle has been nothing but immaculate!

Foster & Adopter


So responsive, kind, and altogether great energy



I have known Laura LaBelle of the LaBelle Foundation, before the foundation was even a twinkle in her eye. We volunteered for the same rescue, and she was pure magic when it came to sick puppies. Often loosing nights of sleep in caring for puppies that would otherwise not have made it. As Laura grew she never forgot me. I moved on to work for a veterinary office and her foundation grew. But there has never been a time when I have reached out to Laura about a dog needing rescuing where she did not immediately help. Laura even offered $1,000 donation to a client of my veterinary office I work for who did not have the funds to pay for a very expensive Atopica medication. Happy to report that dog is thriving. And that kindness extends to the human kind as well. I remember when I was struggling financially, Laura gave me odd jobs to help make ends meet. She is a wonderful and kind human, who, at every turn tries to do the exact right thing for the dogs and people she loves.


I started fostering dogs thinking It would give me the opportunity to play with puppies without the commitment of having another fur baby. What I got with labelle was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The Labelle foundation does so much to make sure that every puppy is happy, healthy and loved.


I write this story with tears in my eyes because I still miss my baby boy with all of my heart and more. I received a text from Laura and Sabrina in February of 2021 asking if I could be a medical foster for a little husky puppy who was dropped off at the vet to be euthanized because the owners didn’t want to pay the vet bill (in their defense it was almost 17k) I said yes and took him in the next day. The vet himself and Laura gave me all of the instruction and supplies I needed to give this baby my best care, and with my previous experience as a foster and working at a vet clinic, I knew I’d be the best for the job. Little did I know this little guy would become my soul dog, best friend, and the best partner in crime. He was diagnosed with an inoperable intra-hepatic liver shunt. Laura, the vet, and I worked tirelessly every. single. day. 24/7 to make sure Apollo (known as Centi) got the care he needed to survive and thrive. The vet said he had a very short lifespan as his liver shunt was too large and complex for surgery, and the vet’s instructions were to give him the best life we can while he’s still here. I chose in that moment to become his hospice foster. He needed medication 4 times a day, a specific (and expensive) hepatic diet, and treatments at the vet every week, which were all graciously paid for by Laura. He truly lived the best life in the short time he was here. He got to run on the beach with his amazing grandparents, go to dog parks, and daily walks and runs to his favorite park near my apartment. On August 11th, 2021, I took him to an emergency vet near me, and despite the vet’s best efforts, he passed away around 2 am the next day..the worst day of my life. I miss him everyday, and I am so grateful for the love and support from Laura through all of it. Apollo, you were and are still so loved. Rest In Peace, baby boy. Forever my little guardian angel.

Courtne S.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity of fostering a handful of dogs through Labelle over the past few months (Sardinia, Verve, Adria, Arnau, and Alston). The Labelle team works hard to get the pups into the hands of caring fosters, and ultimately into the hearts and homes of their furever families. Being able to play a small role in helping these creatures is extremely rewarding, but it’s nothing compared to the volume of work and dedication the Labelle team puts in day after day.
Thank you for everything you do and for helping to save these precious babies and giving them a new chance.