The Labelle Foundation

Making the world a better place one puppy at a time.

Devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, & advocating for dogs


We appreciate any amount of time you can spend volunteering with us.  We primarily need people to…

Volunteer at the Weekend Adoptions to set up, break down and show the animals to the public.

*Transport animals to or from weekend adoption events

*make videos of our animals and post on all Social Media sites

*Help plan various fundraising events, and come up with event ideas of your own

*Be available in emergencies; getting an animal to a vet, picking up urgent dogs/puppies from finders…etc.

*Research and apply for grants for the Labelle foundation

*Be available to assist us while we vaccinate, microchip and prep puppies for their foster family

*Assist in going through adoption applications, based on our policies and criteria.